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Northern European Institute of Technology-NEIT

NEIT, Srilanka in partnership with NEI, Ireland conducts courses related to Electrical and Power Engineering that empowers its students with additional skills set, giving an upper edge in acquiring latest jobs. NEIT focuses at specialized courses which are appreciated and encouraged by employers, that do not require a formal education background. The courses we focus are perhaps not taught at other higher education institutions, colleges and universities, although they assist a student accomplish modules within their degree programs successfully with better grades and creativity.
Courses are delivered by local and internationally qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in the area. Some of our courses to begin with are:

  • Matlab Fundamentals
  • Simulink
  • Arduiono Programming
  • TI Launch Pad
  • TMS320F28  Series DSP's
  • dSpace DS1103/4
  • Opal RT- Real time simulation and hardware in the loop(HIL) training

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Matlab Fundamentals 1st-3rd July 2016
Register before 20th June 2016
Fees: ‎€30 (Rs 5000)